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Pixi.js Developer

For our slot teams, we are looking for experienced Front-End Developers with the inspiration to code with JavaScript and TypeScript.

Role overview:

  • Participate in processes such as decision-making, implementation of new technologies, enforcement of coding practices, standards, and architectural design
  • Develop new or enhance existing features of products
  • Work with Pixi.js – the best open-source 2D library for games
  • Help with the investigation of issues and provide adequate fixes
  • Collaborate with Back-end developers, Product Managers, CTO, Designers, 3D Animators, QAs
  • Give ideas loudly and have expectations to go up
  • Work within the Kanban framework
  • Do unit and integration testing with Jest and Selenium
  • Work with Jira, Git, Confluence
  • Use Webpack for automation
  • Be involved in a variety of simple and more complex tasks
  • Be ready to continually advance

We’d like to meet candidates with:

  • Minimum of 4 years of experience with JavaScript/TypeScript development
  • Minimum 2 years of experience with Pixi.js
  • Past hands-on coding background with HTML, DOM, and Ajax/Previous experience with HTML, DOM, and Ajax
  • Solid knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming, SOLID and design patterns, MVC/SPA, and design principles
  • Knowledge/Experience in unit & integration testing (Jest, Mocha, Selenium, Cypress, or similar testing frameworks)
  • Understanding оf front-end performance optimization
  • No fear to confess what you don’t know (but want to learn it)
  • Courage to dig, dig and dig with a thirst for becoming better
  • Interest in game creation
  • Feeling at ease speaking and writing in English
  • No objections to working on-site, at our office mainly
  • Any knowledge or experience with the following will be regarded as an advantage:

++ Pixi.js

++ Create.js


++ CSS

 ++ React.js

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