Responsible gambling

As a provider of gambling games, Pate Play Ltd.,Bulgaria (hereinafter referred to as “Pateplay”) advocates responsible gaming and urges all visitors to  (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) and users of the services made available through the Website to do the same. 

What do we do?
We provide casino games, lottery games, digital marketing services, maintenance, and servicing to gambling operators throughout the world.We want you to enjoy the best gambling experience but always gamble responsibly! 

Compliance with laws worldwide
§  Pateplay only offers services in countries where using online gambling services is permitted.

§  Pateplay has internal policies and procedures in place for verifying all of its counter parties in relation to the fight against money laundering and terrorist funding, as well as for compliance with any applicable laws governing remote gambling.

§  Pateplay and all of its counter parties always abide by the gaming regulations of the nation in which the Player resides.

§  Pateplay gives all of the gambling operators who utilize its services the capabilities necessary to ban access to regions where online gambling is not allowed. 

Gambling is a recreational experience and a form of entertainment, however, there is a risk of getting addicted to gambling. Gambling addiction needs appropriate care because it is an illness just like any other, so it is important to know your options for counseling and treatment of this addiction.  

Counseling and treatment options in Bulgaria:
National Center for Public Health and Analysis
National Information Line on Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling – information, counseling and referral to help desks for users, gamblers and addicts: by phone 0888 99 18     66 and on the website: and
For more information you can also visit: org/bg, org,,

The Vulnerable Persons Register
(established under Article 10d of the Gambling Act):  
In Bulgaria, the National Revenue Agency regulates and supervises gaming activities –

Anyone who thinks they might have a gambling problem, as well as those whose social status and / or income level may make them more vulnerable to gambling and gambling addiction, may be entered in the VulnerablePersons Register in order to prohibit or prevent them from participating in gambling. 

The entry in the Register takes place by submitting an Application to the Executive Director of the NRA by the person or their legal representative, as it follows:
-      At any territorial unit of the NRA;
-     Electronically at, signed with a qualified electronic signature (QES), Subject: Entry in a register/deletion from the register of vulnerable persons, in order to prohibit or prevent them from participating in gambling. 

The request for entry in the Register may indicate a period for which the entry shall be made, which may not be shorter than two years. Deletion from the register is possible at request by the registered person by submitting a new Request to the Executive Director of the NRA when the term of entry has expired, and if not specified – after two years of the initial entry.

Samples of the request forms are available at theNRA website. Officials, appointed by the Executive Director of the National Revenue Agency, as well as employees appointed by the organizers of gambling (Art. 10d, para. 2 of the Gambling Act)have access to this register. 

The team of Pate Play remains available for you at any time for additional information and support!